Artist statement

I see many parallels to human nature in working with fabric. Strength and fragility. The balance that is necessary in life. I seek balance in both the physical and visual texture created from a single expansive piece of white cloth, dyed using ancient techniques, deconstructed, then stitched, pieced, or quilted. Each step informs the next. Kinetic in nature, every piece I make is both sculptural and functional once draped on the body. On the body, this cloth becomes the most intimate art.

Amy Nguyen Textiles

About the artist

At a young age, I began creating out of a desire to have special beautiful things. I come from a family of makers who enjoy creating functional art—from growing food to quilting, to making everyday clothing and furniture. The importance of creating by hand was instilled early on and is just as important to me today after over two decades of professionally painting, dyeing, sewing, and sculpting. Years ago, drawing on a lifelong passion for the Japanese aesthetic and modern sculpture and shaped by degrees in art and theatre, I began to make wearable art, creating for both beauty and function. I am particularly interested in using the ancient dyeing techniques of shibori, rozome, and katazome to express pattern and color on fabric before manipulating that fabric to create a new textile. I’ve had the opportunity to study under notable master textile artists as well as to meet some of Japan’s most treasured textile artisans. On a recent trip to Japan, I found Mount Koya and the Buddhist temples and zen gardens of Kyoto to be equally inspiring to the way I view work and life. While my work in textiles has been informed by compelling artists such as Issey Miyake, Yoshiki Hishinuma, Naum Gabo, Constantin Brancusi, and Andy Goldsworthy, I am also influenced by my husband Ky and my love of music, nature, architecture, pottery, slow food, and travel. Work and life find balance. As I discover this balance, I see a vision of learning and growing. Ever grateful for a rich heritage, I strive to push further—to create a perfect textile, shape, color—to create a masterpiece. Along this journey, I am fortunate that my work has been discovered, recognized, and honored by others throughout this country and internationally.

Amy Nguyen Textiles Amy Nguyen Textiles Amy Nguyen Textiles Amy Nguyen Textiles Amy Nguyen Textiles Amy Nguyen Textiles Amy Nguyen Textiles Amy Nguyen Textiles