Located just steps from Boston’s harbor front, here in this urban studio, we work with respect for our natural world. We believe in handcrafting with the environment in mind, working from the finest raw fabric or greige goods thereby controlling the entire dye process, and working without waste. All textiles and garments are individually handcrafted, with the hands of Amy and Ky Nguyen in every piece as well as those of talented studio assistants. We are like a quilt coming together, a community connected by thread, where both independence and collaboration are encouraged. We inspire each other in this sustainable studio, and this community is necessary to the creation of such complex and labor-intensive textiles. Each work may appear simple, yet involves many layers of technical skill and innovation. Cloth is manipulated, stitched, folded, hand-dyed, deconstructed and pieced. A shape is chosen, patterned, draped and finished with couture details. The back or inside of each piece is as important as what is shown on the outside. As with a beloved quilt, there is a soul in each piece and as the wearer interacts with it, the textile is elevated as it patinas with age. These character marks add beauty and show a textile has been loved over time.

hand-stitching studio process piecing and quilting hand-cutting studio process hand-stitching nui shibori